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roofing checklist article

Having owned more than one home in my life and experienced an ongoing roof leak with my last home in Harris County GA, I decided to write this article to help homeowners in Columbus GA who presently have roof problems or in the future. Whether building a new home and contemplating what kind of roofing materials to choose or replacing your old worn out roof, you should educate yourself on the different kinds of asphalt, metal, slate, copper, wood, clay, concrete, rubber, solar or PCV shingles on the market. If you are a homeowner and plan to live in your home for many year, you probably want to pay more money to get quality materials that will have good longevity and give your home more of a resale value when you eventually sell your home.

For example, if you choose cheaper roofing materials that last 15 or 20 years like three tab shingles, you will pay more over a period of 40 years compared to initially installing metal shingles. In other words, the initial cost of installing metal shingles will cost less than having your home re-roofed by a professional roofing contractor in Columbus GA two times over a period of 40 years. If you do not like metal shingles, tell your roofing contractor in Columbus GA you want them to install architectural shingles which typically last about 10 to 15 years longer than three tab shingles and also cost less per year even with more cost up front.

We all know over the past decades that consumer products have decreased in quality along with price increases and roof shingles are no exception. When I built my home around 1992, I had a roofing contractor in Columbus GA install three tab shingles and they lasted almost 30 years but today you would be lucky to get 20 years life expectancy from these shingles. This is because three tab have less asphalt compared to decades ago. To get 30 years life expectancy you would need to install architectural shingles since they have more layers of asphalt. Three tab shingles have a flat appearance and architectural have a more dimensional appearance which is generally found on more expensive homes. As mentioned above, taking into consideration architectural shingles cost a little more up front, it cost less per year than paying for two installations of three tab shingles.

There are some things you can do to extend the life expectancy of your roof. Check each year for dried and cracked sealant around your chimney. Check the flashing and sealant around vent pipes coming out of your roof. Use roof tar to patch any cracked shingles. Over time the shingles that overlap the fascia board will wear down and get shorter allowing rain water to go behind the fasica board down to the soffit causing them to rot. Make sure the ridge vent on top of your roof is secure. Poor attic ventilation can decrease the life expectancy of your roof so make sure the soffit vents around your house are not blocked which is where fresh outside air comes in and exits through the ridge vent. Check the ceilings and walls in your home for water stains. Any water leaking through your roof should be resolved immediately to prevent any mold which can be harmful for your family. If you do not want to hire a roofing contractor in Columbus GA to find your water leak, you could have one person on the roof spraying it with a water hose and another person in the attic looking for water leaks. Keep in mind water takes the path of least resistance so the origination of the leak could be further away from where the water is actually coming in.


If you are a homeowner, do not rely on a handyman to repair or replace your roof. Chose a professional roofing contractor in Columbus GA so the job gets done right the first time. Your roof is the most important structure of your home because it protects the rest of your home and its contents from harsh weather elements. One Stop Roofing, LLC has many years’ experience repairing and replacing roofs for homeowners in Columbus GA and Phenix City AL. Call us today and get a free estimate and experience professional roofing at its best. No other roofing company in Columbus GA can come close to our quality.

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