Is A Career In Roofing For You?

roofing career

Today universities are putting out more graduates than the demand for college graduates and this may be because a lot of jobs are being outsourced to many Asian countries. Many U.S. corporations have long ago moved to these Asian countries because of the cheap labor. If you majored in history, theater, liberal arts, photography, or elementary education then you are in less demand than other categories. Many graduates can not get a job in their field and are strapped with an enormous college loan. I can not imagine how depressing to be working at Burger King to pay off your college loan. More people with skilled trades in Columbus GA are doing better financially than university graduates. Would you prefer spending time outside making money than being being stuck in a room all day looking at the same four walls? If so, then a career in professional roofing might just be for you.

Roofers in Columbus GA spend most of the day on a roof doing either repair, replacements or installing new roofs. As a roofer you need to work in all types of weather including hot summers and cold winters so this type of work is mostly for young people in good shape and not afraid of hard work. Obviously you must not be afraid of heights.

So you do not want a job working inside a building and would rather work outside in the fresh air every day. Having a job as a professional roofer in Columbus GA might be the job for you. A reliable well-constructed roof is the most essential part of any commercial or residential building that not only protect the rest of the building but the people and contents. Needless to say, this is the type of job that requires one to be in good physical shape and not afraid of heights.

As a roofer in Columbus GA you must have an eye for details and able to tolerate extreme weather conditions of summer and winter. I would say this type of job is most suited to younger people who can climb ladders, lift heavy materials like asphalt or metal roof shingles and tools. Since there are different types of roofing materials, you can specialize in solar, metal, slate or different types of roof coatings. Other positions in the roofing industry that might be more suited for older people not in good physical shape might include managers, project managers and inspectors.

There is a high demand for roofers and the annual salary is around $45,000 depending on which part of the country you live in. More experienced roofers in Columbus GA could make even more. On the job training or apprenticeship is most likely how you will get more experience. Even though there are no educational stipulations, having experience in reading mechanical drawings and blueprints would help a lot. With the advancement of technology there are a lot of jobs being eliminated but this is not the case with the roofing industry. Even if the demand for new home construction is down, there is always a need for roofers to repair existing roofs in Columbus GA due to wear and damage from harsh weather.

Although roofing is mostly a job for males, there are opportunities in place for women who are interested in this field. With the advancement of robot technology we do not see robots in the future installing shingles on your roof. The demand for roofers has been steadily growing every year. Sometimes the state of the economy can adversely affect the construction industry but there is always a constant demand for roof repairs, inspections or regular maintenance. The estimated salary for an experienced roofer is around $40,000 to $45,000 per year and you do not need a college degree.

Since professional roofing installation, maintenance and repairs are always needed in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL and Harris County GA are in demand, you will never worry about having enough business to keep your job. Commercial and residential roofing is a highly skilled profession which correlates to a steady income and career. Many jobs are being replaced with the advancement of technology and even more in the future but residential and commercial roofing will not be affected.

Inexperienced roofers in Columbus GA will start by learning how to erect scaffolds, using roofing tools and carrying equipment and roofing shingles. Within a couple of months, new roofers learn how to fit, cut and measure all different kinds of shingles which can take several years to get very experienced on all types of commercial and residential roofing in Columbus GA. New roofers will learn that rubber roofs are mostly used in commercial buildings and is a complex process that will take time for inexperienced roofers to learn and understand. Another job that most new roofers will have to do is remove the existing shingles on a roof before putting down a layer of tar paper and cleaning up the old shingles that were removed.


A career in residential and commercial roofing in Columbus GA is not for everyone but for those not interested in going to college and having to pay back tens of thousands of dollars for a student loan, then this type of career might be for you. You will have to be in good physical shape and enjoy being outdoors all day long and the salary will comparable to a college graduate job.

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