Mold In Your Roof Attic?

attic mold

I have owned a home in Columbus GA and Harris County GA and the thought of mold in my attic never crossed my mind. I always thought the most common place for mold would be in the bathrooms but actually your roof attic is another common area for mildew and mold growth because it is humid and hot and you need adequate ventilation to prevent any mold from occurring in your attic. Because most people do not even go up to their attic and you have mold it can spread and cause a lot of damage. If you have lived in your home for many years and decide to sell it, you will have to get a home inspection and what a big surprise to find out you have mold in your roof attic which could cause your home sale to go down the tubes. For this reason, I highly suggest to perform a roof attic inspection every year by a professional roof company in Columbus GA.

First all you cannot have mold without constant moisture with warm air. I use to do real estate photography for many years and frequently would go into a home into the bathroom where the toilet has not been flushed for weeks and see a black ring around inside the toilet at the water line. Mold in a roof attic generally is caused by a leaking roof, poor attic ventilation or bad installation of bathroom exhaust fans. Attic mold is most commonly caused by poor roof attic ventilation. I would say most homeowners in Columbus GA do not know how their attic is ventilated. Outside fresh air comes in through the soffit vents located just below the fascia board and rises to the attic where it is heated and everyone knows hot air rises. This heated air then exits through the roof ridge vents which are located at the highest section of your roof.

Annually or at least every two years I would recommend having a roofing company in Columbus GA inspect your soffit and ridge vents for blockage because if blocked, humid warm air in your attic will more than likely cause most of the wood in your attic to rot over a period of many years. Maybe when your house was built, there was not enough vents installed for proper roof attic ventilation to keep it cool and dry. In addition to outside vents you have inside vents such as bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans and do not forget your clothes dryer which outputs very warm moist air. All of these remove the moisture from your home preventing mold so make sure they push the warm moist air out of your home and not into your attic.

Obviously roof leaks will contribute to mold in your roof attic where the leak is coming in so you want to check the wood rafters, joists and sheathing for dark stains. Also check the metal flashing where the two roofs meet at an angle. Check the base and siding of the chimney or any vent pipes coming out of your roof. If you have a satellite dish attached to your roof, check around where it is mounted for cracks.

Before you go up to your roof attic to check for mold, keep in mind if you step in the wrong place, you could fall through the ceiling of the room you are above so for safety reasons this is something you should let a professional roofer in Columbus GA do this for you. Also keep in mind during summer your attic is going to be extremely hot and very hard to breathe. If there are any cracks in the HVAC air handler in the attic, mold in your attic can be distributed to all rooms in your home causing health problems for you and your family.


So as stated above poor roof attic ventilation will definitely cause mold so regular checking of your attic for mold will prevent it from spreading over a period of many years causing the removal a very expensive task. Call One Stop Roofing, LLC today and get your roof and attic inspected so there are no surprises when you get ready to sell your home one day.

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