How To Hire A Professional Roofer

how to hire professional roofer

Hiring a reliable professional roofing company in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL or Harris County GA can be quite stressful to say the least. Replacing a roof can be several thousand dollars or even more depending on the type of roof you want. So how to I find a dependable and reasonably price roofing company? You can start by checking Google reviews online or asking neighbors, friends and relatives what roof contractor they used and if they were satisfied. After your list is narrowed down, you want to get estimates from each of the roofing contractors in Columbus GA.

The contractor you choose should have the following requirements

  • Bonded which means if the roofer you have chosen roofer does not complete the job or a really poorly done job, then you are financially compensated.
  • Get a local roofing company and not out of state
  • Make sure they have a license for the state you live in. Unlicensed companies will not be able to get the city permit.
  • Ensure they have liability insurance in case one of the workers get hurt on your property and try to sue you or if they damage your house

Choose a roofing company in Columbus GA that has been in business for many years because this shows they must be doing a good job to be in business for many years. Many out of state companies will come to town after bad storms like hurricanes or tornadoes to make a fast dollar and if you have problems with your roof while it is still under warranty you can reach them.

If you ask the roofing company you have chosen to replace the roof on your home for references on the recent jobs they have done and they come up with excuses, then move on to your second choice. If the contractor gives you a quote for replacing your roof, make sure to ask them to break the price down for each part. Does the price include tearing off your old shingles or do they plan putting the new shingles over the old one which is not recommended? Are they going to replace the underlayment material which is a moisture barrier between the shingles and the wood decking? After they pull off the old shingles have them inspect the wood decking for rot or buckling.

Ask the roofer you choose in Columbus GA if they are going to check vent pipe boots and flashing. With a new roof installation you should also get new ridge vents. Also ask them to inspect your fasica board and soffit to see if they need to be replaced because the best time to replace them is when the roof is being replaced. Although three tab shingles will be cheaper I would recommend paying alittle more and get architectural shingles because they will typically last 10 years or more compared to three tab shingles in addition to having a better appearance because they look three dimensional and your home will have a better resale value.


So you have compared the three estimates from roofing companies in Columbus GA and ready to make your decision which company who will replace the roof on your home. Go over your check list and make sure there are no possible hidden charges that can occur because when you sign the contract, it is a done deal.

One Stop Roofing, LLC has been providing professional roof repair and replacement for homes in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL and Harris County GA for many years. We will exceed your expectations so give us a call today for a free estimate.

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