How To Find Roof Leaks

find leaky roof

As a homeowner in Columbus GA your worst nightmare is a roof leak because it can be difficult to locate and repair. Time is of the essence and the sooner you get the leak repaired the less water damage is done to the rest of your home. If you cannot locate the leak and repair it, then you will need to contact a professional roofing company in Columbus GA.

Obviously the first sign of a roof leak is water stains on your ceilings and walls. Leaks can be from many different things such as missing or severely cracked shingles, loose or warped flashing, loose fascia board, shingles too short above the fasicia board, dried crack sealant around the base of your chimney damage from hail, loose ridge vents, vent boots, clogged gutters, skylights or your roof is simply worn out. The repair could be simple but finding the roof leak could be quite difficult. If you had a satellite dish removed from your roof, make sure to plug the holes with roofing tar.

Plumbing in many new homes is installed in the attic and is basically PEX which is less than half the price of copper and faster to install so a good inspection of this plumbing in your attic is needed to make sure your water leak is not coming from these PEX piping. Hopefully a good experience plumber in Columbus GA made all the PEX in your attic sold runs with no fittings to leak from. Check in your attic for any water stains on the rafters and wood decking below the shingles. You might even see mold if you had this water leak for a long time. If you have windows in your attic, check the sealant around them as well. Any sealant you use on your roof around boot vents, shingles, chimney or any other crack you find should not be regular chaulking but roofing tar instead. Just because you see water stains on your interior sheetrock walls does not necessarily mean you have a roof leak because a lot of plumbing behind your walls have fittings like SharkBite fittings.

The reason it is difficult to find a roof leak is because sometimes where you see the leak is not necessarily close to where the leak actually is. Gravity and the path of least resistance is usually where water goes so the the actual leak could be far from where you see the leak. It is recommend having two people to check for a water leak, one on the roof with a water hose spraying different areas and one in the attic to check for leaks.

Needless to say if you cannot find the water leak in your roof, it is time to call a roofing company in Columbus GA. A lot of damage can be done to your home even with a small water leak so it is important to find the roof leak as soon as possible.


As mentioned above some roof leaks could be minor but finding them could be a major problem so if you cannot find your water leak, call a local roofing company in Columbus GA. One Stop Roofing, LLC has been in business for many years and have the best experience roofers that can take care of all your needs.

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