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commercial roof repair

Most commerical roofing companies in Columbus GA know many business owners neglect their roof because they are more worried about making a profit and paying their bills. Your roof is an important part of your commercial building which protects the rest of the structure, contents and company workers from excess moisture, mold and helps maintain the inside temperature. We will discuss in this blog article what to look for to determine if your commercial roof needs repair and the most common types of roofing implemented on commercial buildings in Columbus GA.

Commercial buildings can be different shapes and sizes with low, high or flat roofs. Even flat roofs have a small pitch to allow for rain water runoff and are generally less expensive than higher pitch roofs that are large commercial building. To minimize roof repair it is important to have a professional roofing company in Columbus GA inspect your commercial roof at least every two years or after extreme storms with high winds.

Things they can look for are air pockets under your roofing material which can be the result of trapped air or moisture under your roof. Depending on the size of the air pockets, you may or may not need a roof replacement because the small ones can be repaired. Even though it is common for some little pools of water on your commercial roof, large standing water can be an indication your roof structure is in trouble and needs replaced. Roofing contractors in Columbus GA and also check the flashing for damage which can cause rain water to go into your building cause mold and rot.

If your commercial roof is in good shape, it prevents too much heat which keeps your power bill from being excessive so if you suddenly have an increase in your power bill, you may want to have a professional roofing contractor in Columbus GA come out and inspect your roof and determine if it needs repairs or replacement. The professional roofer will also check and repair the flashing which one of the most important part of your roof and helps extend the life of your commercial roof in Columbus GA.

The best materials for repairing your commercial flat roof is silicone or acrylic which is a liquid polymer and when it dries, makes a waterproof seal for small cracks and holes and extend the longevity of your roof. If your roof is unable to be repaired and need a new roof coating, you may want to choose a light color coating to help reflect the heat from the sun and help reduce your power bill. It would be more cost effective to get a new roof than keep patching over time. A professional roofing contractor in Columbus GA who is insured, licensed and bonded with many years of experience can inspect your commercial roof and determine the best options.

Mold and water damage inside your commercial building can be the result of a small water leak over time. This can result in damage to sheet rock walls, ceilings and contents. Rain water can enter through small cracks in the flashing or roof vents and over time cause a lot of internal damage which is why you need to have your roof inspected after a bad storm with high winds and a lot of rain by a roofing company in Columbus GA. This procedure can help extend the longevity of your commercial building roof.


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